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08 jan 2017 > SIGNIFICANT, invited by Ultrastudio PESCARA, ITALY


10 dec 2016 > JUST TO SAY HI, a group show from Ultrastudio , with Gioia di Girolamo , Ivan Divanto , Matteo Liberi and Maurizio Vicerè invited by Ppromotion, 4 rue merlin 75011 PARIS FRANCE

06 dec 2016 > TOO SIGNIFICANT, with Ultrastudio , invited by CEA in the Cité des Arts for Public Pool #2 "Les objets ont la parole", 75004 PARIS FRANCE

01 dec 2016 > MANÈGE CARRÉ, conceived and shared with Data Rhei , 29-31 rue de lappe 75011 PARIS FRANCE and 4 rue merlin 75011 PARIS FRANCE

23 sept 2016 > IL S'EST PASSÉ QUELQUES CHOSES, a group show with Ethan Assouline , Louise Carsoux, Mathilde Denize , Agata Ingarden and Théophile Merchadou Pineau, curated with Eloi Boucher, 4 rue merlin 75011 PARIS FRANCE

sept 2016 > PERSONAL COLLECTION, invited by Kunsthalle Tropical ICELAND

10 sept 2016 > SALLE D'ATTENTE, 4 rue merlin 75011 PARIS FRANCE

PPROMOTION, created in 2016, is a project of creating situations in real and/or fictionous and/or theoretical and/or virtual spaces. Manon Anne and Julien Deransy are the Ppromotors of the situations created within the PPROMOTION project. The place, the time and the subject are the three necessary conditions to create the different situations at PPROMOTION. PPROMOTION is an artist-run-space without defined space, its situations change, evoluate and move according to the promoted projects. Ppromotors work alone, in duo, or in association with artists, theorists, writers, architects, landscape-architects, anthropologists, curators and other situations creators. PPROMOTION is a project always under construction, in search for collaborations, without restriction of place, time and subject.